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Generic Contract




BUYER” shall be defined as: 






BREEDER” shall be defined as:  Mary Heath, P.O. Box 166,  Lottsburg, Virginia 22511.  

“Sire” owned by Diane Heath


Breed: Boykin Spaniel  Sex: [TBP]
Sire: Trickle Spring [Sire name] – DOB [TBP]     AKC# [TBP]         BSS# [TBP]

EIC-Clear                                                                     Eye-Normal

DM-Normal                                                                Cardiac-Normal

Collie Eye-Normal                                                      Patellar-Normal

PR-BY-P4-8M-PI-CLEAR                                             Hips-Good            
Dam: Trickle Spring [Dam name] – DOB [TBP]   AKC# [TBP]        BSS# [TBP]

EIC –Clear                                                                    EYE-Normal

DM-Normal                                                                 Heart-Normal

Collie Eye-Normal                                                      Patellar-Normal

PR-BY-P4-29/12F-PI -Clear                                                                                                 


Date of Sale: [TBP]

Date of Delivery: [TBP]
Price:      $2600.00

Deposit: $500.00       Date Deposit Paid: dd/mm/yyyy

Deposit is a non-refundable Surety of Action deposit. Personal check is acceptable for deposit only. Please make check out to Trickle Spring Farm and send copy of signed contract. Seller has the right to cancel this contract at any time before puppy pick-up (with the return of buyer’s deposit) if Seller deems circumstance is warranted.

Balance Due: $2100.00      Date Balance Paid: _________________

    Balance due at time of pick up, cash only.


  1. This dog is a purebred Boykin Spaniel.  This dog is of typical temperament and structure, and embodies the basic standards of the Boykin breed.
  2. The dog is registered LIMITED, meaning, NO BREEDING RIGHTS.
  3. The dog is registerable with the American Kennel Club (“AKC”) and Boykin Spaniel Society (“BSS”).
  4. AKC and BSS registration papers will be filled out after the sale is complete, and will be provided to the Buyer.  Buyer will pay for any revised registrations of the dog with AKC and/or BSS.
  5. The purchase price of this dog will be refunded if the Buyer furnishes the Breeder with a veterinary certificate indicating that the dog is unwell or unsound, and returns the dog to the Breeder.  No veterinary, shipping or other expenses incurred by Buyer will be reimbursed by the Breeder.  Buyer has 72 hours to have dog examined by a veterinarian.
  6. The dog is healthy at the time of sale and has had the immunizations enumerated in the attached health record. Although the kennel has treated the dog for intestinal parasites, there is no guarantee against them.


  1. Buyer has read, understands, and agrees to the terms of the sales contract. Seller must receive signed copy before Buyer takes possession of the dog.
  2. The Buyer agrees to have this dog examined by a veterinarian within 72 hours of date of delivery, excluding Sunday or federal holidays. Failure to conduct examination within this time waives guaranty rights.
  3. Limited registered –No breeding rights given.
  4. The Buyer agrees to maintain the dog’s health with yearly vaccinations as specified by their veterinarian.
  5. The Buyer agrees Breeder has no liability for any injury to this dog after delivery, and indemnifies Breeder from any damages of any nature caused by or to dog.
  6. Should the dog become ill or unsound, any and all costs of treatment will be the responsibility of the Buyer.
  7. Buyer agrees not to sue Breeder and to pay any and all court /attorney’s fees incurred by the Breeder should any suit be brought against the Breeder in regard to this dog by any person.


  1. NO EXCHANGE or REFUND unless the dog is found to be other than healthy by the Buyer’s veterinarian.
  2. No breeding rights released to buyer.
  3. Puppies will only be held past the date of nine weeks of age by prior arrangement. Seller may sell any puppy held past the age of nine weeks with Buyer forfeiting deposit and all claims to the dog.
  4. The BUYER agrees the BREEDER will have no liability which exceeds the purchase cost of this dog. 
  5. For any disputes concerning this Agreement, the BUYER agrees the sole and exclusive choice of this contract shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia.  BUYER agrees and consents to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Commonwealth of Virginia for all purposes regarding this Agreement and further agrees and consents that venue of any action brought hereunder shall be exclusively in the County of Northumberland.  

The BREEDER neither makes nor implies any warranties or guarantees, express or implied, other than those written in this agreement. There are no warranties which extend beyond the description on the face hereof.  The BUYER’s signature below indicates that he/she has read, agrees and does understand all the conditions of the Purchase and Sales Agreement.

BUYER: ______________________    Date: ______________

BREEDER: ____________________    Date: ______________


  • Feed about ¼ cup (a handful) 3 times a day with water for 8 week pups,  increase weekly as it grows
  • USE (slower growth) Puppy food until it reaches 2 years old. Usually has 10-12% fat and 26-28% protein.
  • Feeding the puppy by hand makes it friendly around food – kids around the food bowl are viewed as good.
  • Feeding the puppy by hand helps establish you as top dog and leader of the pack
  • Pot bellies are bad for hips – cut back on the amount of food.
  • It takes 4-5 hours to process food. Feeding after 8 PM means you will be up at 2-3 AM and makes house breaking more difficult. Until the puppy is about 5 months old, it will not have full control of its body functions.
  • Boykins are usually soft dogs, meaning a harsh word or loud shout “NO” will be understood. More than that may make the dog afraid.
  • Punishing the puppy for accidents after the act is a waste of time as the puppy does not relate the punishment and the act. A loud “NO” if it is caught in the act is sufficient, clap the hands, or shake a can containing coins to startle puppy.
  • Hip dysplasia is partially hereditary and partially environment. Make the environment friendly for 2 years. No pot bellies. No stair climbing when puppy is small. No long walks. No running with bicycles. Chasing balls is OK – be sensible – just don’t push the puppy’s capabilities.
  • Leaving puppy alone for long periods causes emotional anxiety for a pack animal.  Get a sitter!!!


dd/mm/yyyyWHELP DATE 
 2 week deworming  Pyrantel pamoate 
4 week deworming Pyrantel pamoate
 6 week deworming  Pyrantel pamoate 
 6 weeks old  Cannine  Spectra 5 –Canine Distemper-Adenovirus Type 2-Parainfluenza-Parvovirus Vaccine 
   8 weeks puppy will need to follow up with your veterinarian to implement continued health record